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Objective of this book

The present book about "Fibre optics(FO) in practice" has been written for all those who work with fibre optics in practice. It contains important elementary facts on FO technology which one needs to know when dealing with the corresponding materials and measuring devices. It is neither meant to be a textbook imparting profound theoretical knowledge nor a do-it-yourself guide, it ist rather a handbook intoducing this new techonllogy. Following an outlay of the basic theoretical elements, you will find a description of the necessary components and materials involved. Illustrated tables show the most relevant cable and connector types. A chapter each has been dedicated to the subjects of measurement, transmission and installation. This includes also the installation/mounting of FO connectors, various splice types and the systems design. In a separate glossary you can find relevant technical terms in German and English with a short explanation. Questionnaires at the end of each chapter help the reader test their newly acquired knowledge. The answers can be found on the page number indicated.


Hans Peter Hubmann

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Originally published in spring 1998 by TS-Optoelectronic. Revised and updated end 2003 by the same author. The secound edition is also available in English language.
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